America’s Highway

Main Street of America. Will Rogers Memorial Highway. Mother Road. Or just Route 66 (Rt 66 or U.S. Route 66). No matter what you call it, this highway is one of the most famous in the United States.

Built in 1926, it started in Chicago, Illinois and ended in Santa Monica, California. It covered nearly 3,000 miles and went through eight states. It completely revolutionized automobile travel and the tourist industry.


We’ve always had hotels and inns, but Route 66 introduced motels and camping cabins; diners and roadside gas stations.

I could tell more facts, but I think pictures are more fun.

Some of the businesses are still going concerns.

Some no longer existed in their original state but continued as museums.

Some have interesting stories behind them. (See information in picture below.)

There are some places where the Mother Road is still visible.

You can tell when you’re on an original stretch of Route 66 because you’ll see these curbs. They were intended to help keep cars on the roadway. Instead, they caused them to flip over!

The beginning of the end of Route 66 started when President Eisenhower signed the Interstate Highway Act, and by the 1970s America’s Highway had been replaced.

My husband and I had an amazing time exploring Missouri’s section of America’s highway. I loved it because I love history, but it was also kind of sad. Everywhere I looked I see something and say, “Oh, look! That used to be a hotel.” Or, “That used to be a diner.” I know we can’t save everything, and I’m so glad some of this history is still here for us to enjoy and maybe long for those “good old days.”

Have any of you traveled another part of Route 66?

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