Christmas Lights, Recipes, & Santa’s Address

Only ten days left till Christmas!

Instead of wrapping presents, I’m busy packing for an imminent move. Believe me, I’d prefer to be tying ribbons into bows and adding cute name tags to gaily wrapped boxes.

We’ve celebrated the season with quite a few posts in Christmases past. Here are a few highlighting our beloved Midwestern heritage.

Christmas City of th High Plains — In a tradition dating back to 1948, WaKeeney, Kansas lights up the night with 6,800 lights, 1400 pounds of fresh greenery and 1100 yards of fresh greenery garland.

Chicago’s Christmas Tree Ship — The tragic story of the three-masted schooner, Rouse Simmons, which sunk in Lake Michigan with 5000 Christmas trees in its hold.

Kringla: A Delicious Tradition — This soft, pretzel-shaped cookie takes its flavor from buttermilk or sour cream. The original post includes links to recipes so you can try your hand at making these delicious Scandinavian treats. We also have a recipe on an earlier post called Kringla: A Norwegian Tradition.

Buckeyes: The Candy — Especially famous in Ohio, these peanut butter and chocolate treats are another holiday favorite. Check the post for a recipe.

Welcome to Santa Claus — this little town in southwestern Indiana is the only Santa Claus post office in the world. Here’s Santa’s official address:

Santa Claus Post Office
45 North Kringle Place
Santa Claus, IN 47579

There may only be ten days left till Christmas. But that’s plenty of time to bake Kringla, indulge in Buckeyes, and write a letter to Santa!

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