Famous Nebraskans: Henry and Marlon

Henry Fonda as Mister Roberts

Henry Fonda and Marlon Brando, two acclaimed actors, were both born in Nebraska.

Hollywood isn’t the only thing these two men–born about twenty years apart–had in common.

Marlon’s mom helped Henry get his start!

Dorothy Brando, more commonly known as Dodie, directed an amateur theater troupe, the Omaha Community Playhouse. She recommended he try out for a part in a production called You and I.

Henry, who was born in Grand Rapids, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy Awards in 1980, two years before his death. He was also nominated for Best Actor twice and won for his performance in On Golden Pond.

Marlon, an Omaha native, received his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his role as Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire. He was nominated in this category a total of seven times, winning twice for On the Waterfront and again for The Godfather.

These two Nebraskans will be long remembered for their achievements and activism.

Several of their films are considered classics. One of my favorite Henry Fonda movies is Yours, Mine, and Ours which also stars Lucille Ball.

What’s one or two of your faves?



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