Iowa’s Beautiful Loess Hills

Check out these breathtaking photos!

When I planned this post about the Iowa Loess Hills National Scenic Byway, I expected to write a few well-worded paragraphs about National Scenic Byways in general (I love them!) and the Iowa Loess Hills in specific (these creased ridges along the Missouri River are made of silt deposits carried from the river flats by the northwest wind over thousands of years).

If I hoped to convince anyone to take a drive through the Loess Hills, I knew I would need good photos. To that end I joined a Facebook page called Iowa’s Loess Hills Photographers, and asked if they would be willing to help out a poor blogger.

Were they ever helpful! In true Iowa spirit, several photographers generously shared their stunning views of the Loess Hills. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I give you the rest of today’s story—in photos.

Loess Hills north of Jones Lake Iowa

North of Jones Lake, Iowa. Photo by Dave Burmeister.

Loess Hills from Murray Hill. Photo by Pam Cates

Yucca in bloom on Murray Hill. Photo by Pam Cates.

View of Waubonsie Hills photo by Ryan Roenfeld

The Waubonsie Hills. Photo by Ryan Roenfeld.

Iowa Loess Hills, photo by Larry Lindell

Photo by Larry Lindell. Find more of his Loess Hills photos at his website.


Loess Hills Forest Scenic Overlook, photo by Angie Binning Carlyle

Loess Hills Forest Scenic Overlook. Photo by Angie Binning Carlyle, author of Iowa Back Road Images.

Loess Hills  from Murray Hill photo by Angie Binning Carlyle

Overlooking the plains, atop Murray Hill near Pisgah, Iowa. Photo by Angie Binning Carlyle, author of Iowa Back Road Images.

Many thanks to Iowa’s Loess Hills Photographers.

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  1. Aah, the miles (thousands) I walked those hills!

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