I was trying to think of a longer title for this post, but really, kringle says it all. In my post on Wisconsin state symbols, I mentioned that kringle is the official state pastry. Did they ever  pick a good one. Kringle is a flaky pastry (the Racine Kringle website boasts that they have 81 layers in each of their kringle), usually stuffed with an almond filling, though you can get a wide variety nut and fruit fillings. Some of those include apple, apricot, blueberry, cherry, cherry cream cheese, pecan, and raspberry, among many others. After the dough rests for three days, it’s filled, formed into the traditional oval shape, baked, and frosted. You can also get smaller sticks.

Racine, Wisconsin, in the far southeastern corner of the state, is the center of the kringle universe. Danish immigrants brought the recipe with them in the 1800s and established bakeries specializing in the pastries. Though originally shaped like pretzels, they’ve evolved to their present oval shape.

You can’t go to a function in Racine without having kringle. Going to someone’s house? They’ll have it. Is there a church coffee fellowship of some kind? Kringle will be offered. A kid’s play group? Kringle will be served. You can’t go to Racine without having kringle.

You can get it in the grocery story in other places around SE Wisconsin, but nothing is better than getting it fresh from one of the big three kringle bakeries: Larson’s, O & H, and Racine Kringle. You can also order kringle online. Or bake it yourself. I tried that once. Complete disaster LOL!

What flavor of kringle would you try?

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  1. Growing up in Middleton, I learned to love the kringle from Clasen’s Bakery. Now that I’m a Kansan, I miss it.

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