Mackinac Island Lilac Festival

My favorite flowers are weeds.

It’s true.

I love Queen Ann’s Lace, those yellow drops of sunshine other people call dandelions, purple-tipped clover, tiny violets, and all kinds of daisies.

And yet there is something about lilacs that take me back to a childhood summer that seems perfect in my memory.

My family lived in a small house beside a sharp curve. On our side of the wooden fence, its white paint weathered to a silvery gray, stood a tall lilac bush. I’d scoot beneath the branches and breathe in the lovely fragrance.

I think it was the first flower, other than those commonly known as weeds, that I knew by name.

How much I wish I could travel to Mackinac Island this month for their historic Lilac Festival.

This festival has been around since 1949. That’s almost seventy years!

Though lilacs grow throughout the U.S., the ones that grow on Mackinac Island are larger and last longer than just about anywhere else. Some of the island’s trees are more than 150 years old.

The last day of the festival is celebrated with a Lilac Parade. Cars aren’t allowed on the Island so the floats are drawn by horses. How fun is that?

Other Lilac Festival events include:

  • Lilac Festival Queen and Court
  • Lilac Festival 10K
  • Concerts and wine tastings
  • Mackinac Island Dog and Pony Show

There’s also A Taste of Mackinac Culinary Event but it’s already sold out. Sad, huh?

The fun starts on June 9th and lasts until June 18th. I won’t be able to make it this year, but here’s hoping you do! Take pics!

One comment on “Mackinac Island Lilac Festival

  1. My husband’s aunt had a lilac bush growing in her front yard when she lived in TN. Heavenly! She’s now 97 and living in FL.

    But her 96-year-old sister, my mother-in-law, would disagree with lilacs being the sweetest flower. She loves lavender.

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