More Foods From the Heartland

A couple of weeks ago, I delved into the ancient files (LOL) of Midwest Almanac to share posts we’ve written about foods from the Heartland.

Here are a few more in case you missed them when they first appeared or as a yummy reminder if you didn’t.

First up! Dum-Dums for Our Tum-Tums.

My Tennessee hair stylist keeps a bowl of these vintage lollipops on her receptionist’s desk. What’s your favorite flavor?

Nabisco has brought us all kinds of snacks–including Oreos. Here we presented the history of Nabisco and the Oreo Color Challenge.

Trivia Time: What is Nebraska’s Official State Drink? Yeah, I know. The image gives you the answer.

Kool-Aid was a childhood staple at our house, and my favorite flavor was Black Cherry. What’s yours?

I’m wrapping this post up with two previous posts written by Lora Young showcasing gift ideas–including food items! Hey, it’s not too early to be thinking about Christmas! And BBQ is great anytime!

I sure hope you’ve enjoyed this culinary trip through the Heartland. What other foods should we feature?

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