Nabisco and the Oreo Color Challenge

06 27 nabisco logoTrivia Question: What do Oreos, Teddy Grahams, Swedish Fish, and Wheat Thins have in common?

As you may have guessed–given the title of this post–each one is a Nabisco product. With so many choices, chances are you have at least one Nabisco product in your pantry. . .

06 27 nabisco bakeryThe name Nabisco comes from National Biscuit Company. Though formed in 1898, the company’s roots date back to the Pearson & Sons Bakery, opened in Massachusetts in 1792. Their specialty was pilot bread, a biscuit for sea voyages.

The Nabisco name, first used in 1901 for a sugar wafer, became the corporate name about seventy years later.

Though headquartered in New Jersey, the Nabisco plant in Chicago was once said to be the largest bakery in the world and produces approximately 320 million pounds of snack foods each year.

The company is now owned by Mondelez which used to be Kraft Foods.

06 27 Een-OreoOne of the FAQs on the corporate site asks: “What color is Oreo: black or brown?” What do you think? (

If you’re not sure, grab a bag of America’s favorite cookies and a tall glass of chilled milk. The official answer: to paraphrase, is that people disagree. Nabisco doesn’t say.


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