Night of 1000 Jack-o’-Lanterns

Looking for a different way to spend Halloween? The Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois, hosts an annual jack-o’-lantern walk through the gardens each October. Over a thousand hand-carved pumpkins line the paths and light the way. Some of the pumpkins weigh over 150 pounds! That’s a big jack-o’-lantern!

The pumpkins illuminate the park which offers 385 acres, including 27 gardens and over 2 million plants, but it’s the jack-o’-lanterns that are the stars of this show. Each of the pumpkins can take up to fifteen hours to carve. The artists create scenes from the Chicago area, iconic Halloween characters, garden plants, and other intricate artwork. What a sight to behold! It’s a ghoulishly romantic way to spend the last weekend of October.


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