Squire Boone Jr., Indiana Pioneer

Squire_Boone_Crossing_the_Mountains_with_Stores_for_His_Brother_DanielMost of us know about Daniel Boone, the legendary frontiersman and pioneer. But what about the exploits of his much younger brother?

Squire Boone Jr., the tenth of eleven Boone children, was as well-known as Daniel during their lifetimes. He’s considered one of Indiana’s most famous pioneers though he was born in Pennsylvania.

This portrait, an oil on canvas painted by artist William Tylee Ranney in 1852, has the long descriptive name of: Squire Boone Crossing the Mountains with Stores for His Brother Daniel, Encamped in the Wilds of Kentucky,

800px-Squire_Boone_Caverns_burial_cave_1Squire moved his family to southern Indiana in about 1804 but it wasn’t his first visit to the area. Years before, he and Daniel evaded Indians by hiding in a local cave. He believed the cave was sacred and wanted to be buried there.

Instead he was buried in a cave on his property until the mid-20th century when relic-hunters looted the coffin. Now he’s buried at Squire Boone Caverns, an attraction near Mauckport.

800px-Squire_Boone_Caverns_mill_3Squire also built a grist mill which is listed on the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures.

Visitors can tour the grist mill, caverns, and the nearby pioneer village. For more information visit the Squire Boone Caverns official website.

So if someone happens to mention Daniel Boone to you, just say: “Do you know about his brother?”

Daniel_Boone's_BirthplaceBonus info: Squire’s birthplace in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, the Daniel Boone Homestead, is a museum with interactive displays and hiking trails.

[Public domain images: Portrait Note: See “Licensing,” and Squire Boone Caverns; Attribution: Daniel Boone Homestead.]

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