“Thou Shalt Not” in Missouri

Like all the other Midwestern states, Missouri has some quirky laws and some that are real head-scratchers.

In Columbia, it’s illegal to have a clothesline, but you can drape your laundry over the fence, if you want to.

Photo credit: Morguefile by gracey
Photo credit: Morguefile by gracey

Better not try to restore your historic home in Kansas City. Installing a bathtub with four legs resembling animal paws could land you in jail. (Wonder if your tub could get by with three legs…)

And don’t re-do your plumbing in University City. It’s against the law to own PVC pipe.

If you live in Excelsior Springs, you’d best not practice your pitching skills. It’s illegal to throw a hard object by hand. (I suppose batting practice would be fine. But you’d have to have someone willing to risk jail to pitch the ball…)

And don’t even think about worrying a squirrel.

Photo credit: Morguefile by-clconroy
Photo credit: Morguefile by-clconroy

In St. Louis, you can drink beer from a glass while sitting on the curb, but don’t drink it from a bucket.

This is the one that has me wondering about its history. It’s illegal to eat clam chowder on Sunday between 11:50 a.m. and 12:48 p.m. Umm…why?




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