What Illinoisans Love about Their State

As I did a couple of weeks ago for Wisconsin, I polled people who live in Illinois and asked them what they like best about their state.

  • Quite a few people mentioned how much they love Chicago. They enjoy the museums there, the theater, the restaurants, the orchestra, the architecture, and Lake Michigan.
  • One person mentioned Geneva, Illinois, as a great small town near the big city. A few others also mentioned being able to live in the suburbs or the country and still be near enough to everything Chicago has to offer.
  • The Great River Road was mentioned as being a highlight of living in Illinois. This is a National Scenic Byway running along the Mississippi River from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Illinois is a great place for cycling. With all the flat prairie land, it’s easy to see why that is.
  • Corn Field Closeup. Few Weeks Old Corn. Agriculture Collection. Created by Welcomia – Freepik.com

    The great stretches of corn fields. There is nothing more beautiful then driving or cycling among them in August when the stalks are tall and block out everything else.

  • One person mentioned the roads that run north, south, east, and west when they say they do.

Thanks to everyone who answered the poll! You all sure love your state! What do you love best about Illinois?


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